Civil Society Development for Participatory
Democracy in Shida Kartli Region
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WP 2: Study report on the development of the Third Sector in Shida Kartli (Product). Applicant organization will conduct a small-scale research to map out current leadership skills and prevalent management models at CSOs and NGOs in Shida Kartli region and prepare a report. Research In Shida Kartli  ---à

WP 2: Elaboration of study reports by EU partner organizations (Product) . Elaboration of study reports by partner countries from EU on the situation of the Third Sector Development in their respective countries.  Report of  the  Dr. Agnes Horvath ---à

                Report of  the  Prof. Arek Modrzejewski ---à

WP 2: Workshop on Civil Society Development. To present case studies per country (Event—Private), OLOMOUC, CZ. Representatives of applicant and partner organizations will visit EU partner country (Czech Republic) to attend a workshop: Developing Civil Society in Eastern Europe..Report of  the  Radomir_Sztwiertnia---à

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